What’s in Your Make-Up Bag?

I thought I would share a few tips with you, that are relevant for the coming few months:

Mascara – how old is yours? Ideally you should replace your Mascara every 2 months, yes that’s right every 2 months, bacteria can collect in that dark tube and Mascara dries out.  Try not to pump the tube as this speeds up the drying out process.  For everyday use try using a water-based or water resistant Mascara, only use waterproof ones when necessary.

Make-up Primer – this is a must have in the make-up bag, apply a small pea size all over the face and neck, primers smooth out the fine lines, stops caking of make-up and you may not even need foundation, for a natural day look, for those of us that wear a full face of make-up, a primer is the product that will allow your make-up to stay and look good all day. Arbonne Make-up Primer cost £25.00, contact me if you need some.

Things to pop on the shopping list for 2011:


Make-up primer

Moisturiser with an SPF 15 as a minimum

If you can change to mineral make-up then try to start introducing mineral make-up to your bag.

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