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SHELLAC & Coloured Gel Polish Nails


Shellac is the ultimate long-lasting manicure, while most of us can’t keep their nails looking neat and perfect with normal nail polish for more than three days, Shellac will last up to two weeks.

Shellac combines the resilient finish of a gel nail overlay with the ease of paint-on colour. ‘Your nails are jewels, not tools!’ most technicians say.

The application process is simple. A clear base coat is applied, which is then ‘cured’ for up to 2 minutes under an ultraviolet light.

Two coats of coloured polish follow (select your colour from French to Purple Purple), each coat needs two minutes to cure, then a high-gloss top-coat, for up to 2 minutes a final  blast of light and it’s all done.

The finished result is great. But does it stand the test of time? I’m careful for the first few days and it continues to look perfect. From day five, I use my nails as normal, but with caution, then Yes,  they stay in fantastic shape.

Shellac& Colour Gel Nails
Shellac  & Colour Gel overlays        £30:00
Shellac French Gel     overlays        £35:00
Shellac Colour Gel  - Toes               £30:00
Shellac French       - Toes                £30:00

Bio Sculpture Colour Gel

Colour Gel overlays natural nails or Toes           £30:00

French Gel overlays natural nails or Toes           £35:00

Individual Sculpted nails (extensions)                £ 5:00 per nail

Full set of Sculpted nails                                   £55:00

Full set of Tip Application and Gel overlay          £45:00

Soak Off £10:00

Colour Gel Colour, is a gel lacquer, which is applied in layers that were then set under a UV or LED lamp leaving them completely dry in an instant and gloriously glossy - the finish that lasted. The process takes at least an hour.

The finished result looks natural, glossy and chip free for up to three weeks weeks.

The Colour Gel is applied in layers that are then set under a UV/ LED lamp leaving them completely dry in an instant and gloriously glossy - the finish that lasts. The process takes around  an hour,longer if you are having a soak-off and new colour applied, so it can be a bit rushed for a lunch break, but it is well worth it.

The manicure should last up to three weeks and when your nail grows out you can simply paint it in with the matching nail varnish or arrange for the colour to be removed and a new colour applied or simply have them removed.

When it comes to taking them off or fancy a change of colour?  I would recommend you book in to have them soaked-off professionally.

If I have applied Your Gel Polish Nails I DO NOT charge for Removing the Product. However, if you have had  your nails applied somewhere else,I do Charge for removal as I do not know what product is under the coloured Polish, or how long it will take to remove. 

Removal and a New application is all included in the Price, please see above. 


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