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Let's Go Eyelash Extensions

Longer, thicker, quicker, Eyelashes 'The lash in a Flash'

Let's Go

Lash extensions are applied in as little as 20 minutes. The ultimate way to get longer, thicker and fun eyelashes.

The new 'Must Have' in eyelashes, simply a must for any age and look fantastic!!!

Everything is go. There's no time to stop, and anything that slows you down is such a drag. That's why Let's Go is the ultimate way to get longer, thicker and sexier eyelashes. Quicker than any other eyelash extension treatment.

...Life's too short for anything else.

From £40.00 for Top lashes & £15.00 for bottom lashes

In just 20 minutes your eyes can be tranformed by thick, luscious lashes, giving you a sensational look without the usual hour-long time factor.

Let's Go lashes last an astonishing two weeks and are extremely versatile; they offer any look including regular, colour and uniquie designer lashes, they even offer bottom lashes for a more seductive look.

After Care advice

  • Lashes must be professionally removes after 2 weeks. 
  • Do not get the lashes wet for the first 2 hours. 
  • Do not use waterproof mascara. 
  • Aviod steam, hot water and swimming for first 2 days. 
  • Do not perm or use lash curlers. 
  • Remove make-up carefully ith oil-free products. 
  • Remember to tell your friends where you go for your wonderful Lets Go lashes.
Red Magazine
"Fab coloured lashes, they're just so subtle, perfect for Christmas"
Look Magazine
"Great value for money, my readers will love these"
"Wow, love these, so quick - I'm addicted"
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